Our Story

The inspiration for Kochere Coffee was born in 2017 while on vacation in Ethiopia where I was served the most amazing dark rich coffee! I felt so alive and energized. I couldn't escape the thought of how to bring this authentic coffee back to the USA for my friends and family to enjoy. Finally, after much hard work sourcing this black gold in the birthplace of coffee, my dream has come true.

Now you can experience the finest tasting coffee in the world the way the locals in Kochere village enjoy it without having to travel to Africa. By purchasing this coffee you help us employ many people in the coffee production industry in Ethiopia. 

Kochere Coffee / Artisan Roasted / Single Origin / 100% Arabica Coffee / Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


Our logo is a stylized wisdom knot; the interlocking circles represent your connection to artisans around the world.


Michael is a world traveler, serial entrepreneur, aspiring photographer, and blogger. Michael's first career was in the aviation industry where he worked as a certified Aircraft Mechanic for over 30 years on a wide variety of jets and helicopters. He now uses the same passion and skills to keep Savana Republic flying beyond imagination.