Our Place

A little known slice of heaven, Savana Republic, is the place where dreams are made of. We embrace the FreeSpirit Lifestyle where you are encouraged to think and speak independently, critically, and rationally.

We live with fearless courage. And we strive to be open-minded citizens with nonjudgmental attitudes.

We don't care about what others think of us because we march to the beat of our own drum. We aren't motivated by external societal norms but an inner drive to live with meaning, joy, and fulfillment.

We live from our hearts and are comfortable living outside our comfort zones.

Our mission is to encourage and sustain truth and freedom in the hearts and minds of everyone.


Interlocking circles represent our diverse global community of adventure makers, truth seekers, and freedom lovers.  

Founder - Michael Spitler
FreeSpirit - World Traveler
Michael's first career was in the aviation industry where he worked as a certified Aircraft Mechanic for over 30 years on a wide variety of jets and helicopters. He now uses the same passion and skills to keep Savana Republic flying beyond imagination.